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A Photo Video Montage is a simple and priceless way to preserve and relive your memories for generations to come. To start the process, we ask that you collect and arrange the photos, videos or other memorable images and then choose the appropriate music or audio. We do the rest! By acquiring and editing the chosen images to DVD and then arrange a private screening for your review. At this point, we make any changes and return the original images in time for your montage to be presented at an event or function.

A creative way to preserve and present your history. Everyone can now have DVD’s or Flash Movies of those priceless moments. You will want everyone to watch it! Call or Click today...

THREE EASY STEPS: How to organize a Photo Video for production

Step 1

First choose the images you do or don’t want. We suggest you make a "YES" pile and a "NO" pile. WARNING: This step is too much fun. Choose the photos that will tell your family's story the best with the appropriate audio or music.

Step 2

Then with the Yes photos, we suggest you put them in chronological order. Start with the early photos and work your way forward to the present day. You may have some photos or groups of photos that will work better in chronological sequences, such as, career, job or business photos, house photos, vacations etc. You can even accent these by using a special music theme or recorded audio narratives for each group and perhaps even giving each group its own title.

Step 3

Then number your photos on the back with stickers or post-it notes. Do Not Use a marker that may rub off onto the other photos. This is also the time to start finalizing the music and titles, a greeting at the beginning and some closing statement at the end of your video. WE DO THE REST!

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*Please note our website flash videos are edited samples and highly compressed. Your actual product will be professional dvd quality.